Healthcare at the comfort at your home

Vaidyam is the mobile application supported by iOS and Android for the convenance of the Users

Vaidyam is the home care health service backed up by the pioneers in home health care service in Bangalore and other parts of the country established in 2014 understanding the need of home care services of the patients who are post hospitalised and who are also in need of medical care at home.

Till date we have provided our dedicated and satisfactory service to more the 3,00,000 Lakhs patients who have recovered from their aliments and disabilities under the due diligence and comporting care of our health care professionals in imparting both medical and non-medical services

We were traditionally promoting our services in the past years, but due to the increasing demand and need for health care services at home, we have now to explore the digital approach to delivery our medical service at your convenience through our Mobile Application.

Why Vaidyam?

There are many health care service providers available who will have health care professionals hired by them. But, We at Vaidyam, provide a consolidated wide range of Medical, Non-Medical and Medical Equipment’s for the convivence of the patients at their home.

Our medical service at home would enable the patient to recover from their illness at quicker pace at a affordable cost when compared to hospitalised treatment.

Our health care professionals will provide personalised service and care to patients at their residence.

We also provide medical and physical care to the immobile patients where mobility of patients to the hospital is hectic and more expensive.  


Our priority is to provide a high-quality health care (Medical and Non-Medical) Service to the patients at home by our trained, qualified and experienced health professionals understanding the needs of the patients who are to be treated with utmost care and compassion for their speedy recovery from their sickness and ailments. 


We being the pioneers in providing medical health care services at home in Bangalore have understood the increasing concern of hospitalised patients at exhaustive cost. So, we are determined and committed to expand our home care medical and non-medical services to the needy patients nationwide at an affordable cost within the financial capacities of the patients.